Explore the legends of ancient Japan in an RPG Quest to save the world!

Yomi No Kuni is an adventure Samurai RPG where you will discover the origins of Japans underworld whilst playing a hand in defeating the ultimate terror of an ancient religion.

Samurai Modelled TurnBased battle system

Battle motions are modelled on real modern day bushido. Extensively captured footage has allowed us to create a realistic motion-set and combine it with a rich, strategic system of RPG combat


Samurai movies, manga anime and games such as Final Fantasy, OctoPath and Witcher influence us greatly. Musically, by traditional Japanese instruments, emotional soundscapes plus epic battle themes and modern post-hardcore sounds

Story Driven Game-Play

An evil of godlike proportions may be returning to Japan. With your Master gone and most of the clan samurai baying for both your blood, can you prevent an ancient evil from returning to Japan?

Where, when and what?

It’s Japan in the 1600’s, but not as you know it. Shinto is the main religion, christianity has just arrived on the shores, most of the clan masters are dead and all hell is breaking loose. Literally.

Enter the World Of Darkness

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Being a self funded project meant we could take our time with the style, mechanics and storytelling whilst finding the most talented people to be involved in building a wonderful and unique game!

We’ve literally poured our hearts in to this project to help ensure a unique, high quality design and story telling experience.

we hope you share in the excitement for a story driven samurai RPG as much as we do!

With the funding we can release the game sooner, add more characters and increase the game length with additional side quests and experiences!